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Selling your Single Family Home, Multifamily Home, or Condominium or investment property but you own the bank more than it is currently worth. 

Short Sale Your Home … Avoid Foreclosure

I’m in over my head … what do I do.

Short Sale your home with us as your Realtors. We want to let you know that you do have choices.


A short sale is a situation where the Seller’s net proceeds, after payment of all applicable closing costs and other charges normally paid by the Seller from the sale of a property, are insufficient to pay all outstanding mortgages and other liens against the property at closing. The term short sale is used to describe a situation where there is more debt owed against a property than the property is worth. In other words, the owner can’t sell the property unless the Lien Holder(s) agree to accept a payment that is less than, or short of, the amount actually owed. The Lien Holder(s) are usually mortgage lenders, mortgage insurers, bankruptcy trustees, taxing authorities, or others.


With a short sale, sellers avoid having to go through a lengthy foreclosure process and prevent the impact of a foreclosure on their credit score. Fundamentally, a short sale is a bank authorized alternative to foreclosure. It is not an alternative to a sale. The basic idea is that instead of getting foreclosed on, the seller is able to sell their property at a price and terms and conditions agreed upon by their lender. This can usually take place under the following conditions:

1. You are unable to continue making payments due to some hardship (divorce, death, loss of job, health, etc.)

2. The amount owed on your house is greater than what Buyers are willing to pay in this market

The bank is often more willing to take a reduced amount in a short sale rather than take the property back – remember the banks are in the lending business, not the property ownership business.

Short sales can be difficult to work through and can take a tremendous amount of time if the key people involved are not knowledgeable in the process. Often agents and buyers will avoid properties that are for sale as a short sale for that reason.

In today’s ever changing real estate market, you need experts working with you and for you to sell your house and keep it out of foreclosure. As real estate professionals, we can sell your house if it is priced correctly. We are experts at selling homes. We have aligned ourselves with experts in the foreclosure and short sale business. They can help us get the price we need to sell your house by negotiating with all of your lien holders.

Maybe you have a Lis Pendens (lien) has been filed against your property. Perhaps you are not aware that a lien has been filed, but I can tell you that YOU ARE NOT ALONE and there are MANY people in the same circumstance.

As we said, you have options! We can help, contact us to sell your home.

Short sale your home avoid foreclosure



Buying a short sale can have tremendous value.

This is a process, it needs our guidance to keep you on track to a great investment. Buying a short sale can save thousands of dollars. For example our customer bought a triplex for $260,000 when the last sold duplex was for $350,000 in same neighborhood in 2011. Our other customer is buying a single family home for $208,000 when the last one sold was for $250,000 in the same subdivision in 2012. Each person’s goals are individual and we look for a property that will make that happen. Contact us today to start your buying process.


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